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All Clear Overview

CamelBak All Clear™ microbiologically purifies water in 60 seconds.

Seth: Hey, Seth and Kevin here from CamelBak to talk about the All Clear
microbiological UV water purifier.

Kevin: The Camelbak all clear is perfect to use for anywhere where your
water is questionable, whether it's international travel or even in the
back country on a back packing trip.

The trip that I went to Africa was actually a humanitarian trip. None of
the plumbing out there was potable water. So we were able to get non-
potable water, sanitize it in 60 seconds and then fill up our CamelBak
reservoirs and basically have enough potable sanitized safe drinking water
for the rest of the trip.

Seth: If you're going back country, you're going to want to look at the
extra pre-filter that is sold separately. This will keep out all the
particulates and make sure that your water is, at least, as clear as
lemonade if not all the way translucent.

Kevin: The CamelBak All Clear utilizes our .75 liter eddy bottle, has
instructions written on the back so you'll always know how to use it.
Simply fill your bottle to the max fill line, indicated on the bottle. Hold
down the power button for two seconds. The cycle then begins. Agitate your
water while it's cycling through and in 60 seconds, your water is safe to

Seth: The LCD screen on top will count down from 60 to zero and give you a
UV with a check mark, showing you that your water is safe to drink.

Kevin: It charges on a mini USB port and it will actually get 80 cycles.
That means there are 80 bottles worth on each charge before you need to
actually plug it back in. The lifetime of the product will actually last
10,000 cycles overall and that's an average of three times a day for over
nine years.

Kevin: If I had to sum it up, I would say it's an extremely universal tool
that almost anybody in the world can use to get safe, portable water in a
short amount of time.

Seth: Like all our products, the Camelbak All Clear is backed by the "Got
Your Bak" lifetime guarantee.

Kevin: If we built it, we'll back it.

Seth: And that's the All Clear microbiological water purifier from
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