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All Clear Testing

CamelBak All Clear™ microbiologically purifies water in 60 seconds. Fill from taps, streams, spigots and more. Reduces bacteria 99.9999%, virus 99.99%, protozoa 99.9%.

Azul: Azul here, in the CamelBak Lab with head of R&D, Jeremy Galten. Today
we're going to talk a bit about All Clear and how we know we can stand by
it with its reliability.

Jeremy: Yeah, Azul, so there's a bunch of things that we're doing in this
lab right now that we test a couple things on this product. One is
electronics. We want to make sure that this electronic package can survive
a variety of conditions because we know people are going to be traveling
with this. They're going to be up in the mountains with this. We want to
make sure that these electronics work in a variety of different conditions.

Azul: So how do we test for the electronics?

Jeremy: Well, we have a bunch of set-ups here that we can do that. We can
look at light. We can look at energy output. We'll take a look at some of

Azul: So tell me, why are we watching this bulb go on and off over and over

Jeremy: One of the things that we want to look at in this product is
actually how effective is it over its lifetime. So what we want to test is
that we're getting the same kind of energy output at the end of its life
that we are at the beginning of the life, because people are depending on
this product to actually deliver them quality water.

Azul: So I notice in the cap that I can't pull the batteries out. How do I
get power to it?

Jeremy: We have onboard batteries here and the reason we can do that is
that we have a very, very energy efficient circuit and we have a very, very
fast cycle time, so what that allows us to do is to get many, many
treatments per recharge. And you can go out for days on this and not have
to recharge, yet it's convenient. You can charge this off your laptop,
anywhere you would typically charge a cell phone, you can charge this unit.

Azul: So I can just power it up, know that it's energy efficient and know
that it's going to last as good the first time as the last time.

Jeremy: Absolutely.

Azul: Nice. So we test for the reliability here in the CamelBak Lab for our
All Clear because at CamelBak we know when it comes to drinking water it's
crucial that you have a reliable source, whether you're in the back country
or traveling where there's questionable water sources.
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