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Antidote Overview 1

The CamelBak Antidote reservoir has multiple features to help you stay hydrated. See how we've improved the core of our hydration systems with improved design and new features.

Seth: Seth and Azul here for CamelBak. We want to tell you about one of
the newest innovations that we've created, the Antidode Reservior.

Azul: The 100 ounce Antidoe Reservior with Quick Link has multiple
features that are going to help you hydrate easier. It's got a quarter
turn easy-open cap, hidden [inaudible 00:00:18] that will flip out, a
baffle running down the center to help keep it nice and low-profile and the
quick link system.

Seth: Starting right up here at the fill port you'll notice first and
foremost that it's the widest on the market, so it's easy to get your hand
in there to clean it out. Also, we added the quarter turn cap, which just
makes it such a cinch to open it and close it tightly every time.

Azul: We also reduced the stack height in the cap, so it's 28% lower
profile and 19% lighter, just trying to shed weight, make it easier to
integrate in and out of your pack, and we integrated hidden dryer arms in,
so they're going to fold out from behind the fill port, hidden away. So if
you're out there on the trail and you're done with your ride or you're done
with your hike and you want to hang dry it, it will provide 360 degrees of
full ventilation. In the quick link system you have multiple accessories
like an in-line taste filter, an insulated tube, a tube with the pre-
installed flow meter with insulation, and a tube director that will help
you customize your hydration system depending on what you're doing out

Seth: You'll notice the baffle running right down the middle here and the
fact that the reservoir got a little wider. That's to spread the water
weight across your back to prevent any sort of sloshing or movement of the
water weight while you're out on your ride, run, or stand-up paddle

Azul: So because we rebuilt all of our packs around the Antidote
Reservoir, we started with the key piece of hydration and then built the
soft goods to house the reservoir. So it's an integrated system between
the hydration and your pack. All of your hydration goods are covered with
a lifetime warranty with the Got Your Back Guarantee, so that includes the
reservoir and your pack.

Seth: When you're checking out which pack is the right pack for you, make
sure you check the specs and details of the Antidote Reservoir that's
housed inside.

Azul: That's the Antidote Reservoir technology from CamelBak.
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