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HydroBak, Classic, Charm

Azul: Seth and Azul here. I want to tell you a little bit about our bike
collection. This is our most minimalist pack, it's the HydroBak.

Seth: HydroBak comes in at 50 ounces, so 1.5 liter. It's got an external
fill port, hidden underneath the flap and it has just enough cargo to keep
your keys and ID.

Azul: Now if you find you need more hydration for this, then we've also
got the Classic. The Classic has a two liter, 70 ounce reservoir, again,
also an external fill, so that you can easily access the point, put more
water in your hydration pack as well as a little bit of cargo capacity

Seth: Classic, we've also added this overflow bungee so you can shed your
layer in the morning, if it starts to heat up during the day. And we also
have a women's fit version, called the Charm.
The Charm is a 50 ounce pack, one and a half liter reservoir and has the
soft Velvetex liner on our S-curved harnesses, with the shoulder adjustment
straps, stowed out of the way. All of these come with reflectivity, as
well as hi-viz colors.

Azul: For any activity, regardless of what you're up to, if you need hydration and only hydration, these are the packs.