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Lab: Antidote

Azul: Azul here with CamelBak, today we're in the CamelBak lab. We've got the privilege of hanging out with head of R&D, Jeremy Galten. Tell us what we're looking at here: what does this machine test for, and why is it important for me and my reservoir?

Jeremy: So this is sample of some of the machines we have here that are all custom built to test the reservoir and test how people are going to use it. So essentially all this does really is simulate someone going in and opening and closing your reservoir, something you're doing every day. So all we're doing is we're going back and forth, this thing will run 24/7. We'll run this for thousands of cycles. When it's done, we'll take it off and that thing has to perform the exact same way it did from the first turn. The reservoir is actually going to last you a lifetime, which is why we've got the Got Your Bak guarantee.

Azul: So lifetime warranty across the board no matter what the problem is with the reservoir?

Jeremy: No matter what the problem is. Absolutely.

Azul: Nice. Tell us a bit more about the welding, how we test for it and how we do it.

Jeremy: The welding is done with a process called radio frequency welding, so it's a very highly efficient weld that yields a really strong join. That's important when you're talking about ending over on your mountain bike and landing on it or having a bunch of equipment on it, you just don't want your water to leak all over you or over your equipment.

Azul: So as you can see no rock goes unturned here at the CamelBak lab when it comes to our Antidote reservoir.