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Lab: Bottle Durability

Azul: Azul here today from CamelBak. Today, we're in the CamelBak Lab with
the head of R&D, Jeremy Galten. Today, we're here to talk about the
durability of our bottle collection. How do we test for the durability of
our bottle collection in the CamelBak Lab?

Jeremy: Well, there's a bunch of things to test for on bottles when we test
for durability. What does that mean? We're looking at impact. We're looking
at thermal performance. What if someone puts it in the freezer? What if
someone leaves it in their car or truck? We're testing for all of that
stuff. So, that's what we do here.

Azul: Nice. Tell me, within the family of bottles that you utilize the bite
valve, how do you tell the difference between, say, a kid's usage versus an
adult's usage?

Jeremy: Well, it's hard to believe but kids are actually a lot more abusive
on bite valves. How we test that is we have a machine over there that
actually has a bunch of different tooth profiles because kids' teeth are
sharper than adults' teeth, and they're going to be a lot more abusive on a
bite valve.

Azul: Right. Say I've got one of our sports bottles, the Podium, that
utilizes the jet valve. How do I know it's not going to shake any of the
sugary drink out on my friend?

Jeremy: Well, we have machines that do that, too. We actually sit there and
shake it. We want to make sure that that doesn't leak sugar drink all over
your $6,000 friend.

Azul: Now, how about thermal testing? How do we know that we can claim it
keeps water cold, say, twice as long in the Chill or, say, the insulated

Jeremy: What we do is we have ovens over here that can actually test the
change in temperature over time. You want cold water for a long time? We'll
put it in the oven, we'll soak it at 95 like it's a hot day, we'll put
those thermal couples in there. We're going to tell you whether you're
going to have warm water. In some of these bottles, you're going to be
waiting a while.

Azul: That's right. So we put every bottle we make through the wringer.
That's how we know we can stand by our Got Your Bak lifetime guarantee. If
we built it, we'll back it. You heard it from Jeremy and Azul in the
CamelBak Lab.