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Marathoner and Ultra LR

Seth: Seth and Azul here from CamelBak. Today, we're going to talk about
our run collection.

Azul: These are our two run vests, the Ultra LR vest.

Seth: And the Marathoner.

Azul: Two good hydration systems for when you're out there on a nice long
run, whether you're training or prepping for a marathon or a trail race.

Seth: The Marathoner is equipped with a 70 ounce Antidote Reservoir with
Quick Link. It's a great training pack. It's one of the best hydration
packs for running that I've ever worn. It fits snugly up against your back,
and there's no movement whatsoever.

Azul: The Ultra LR works a little bit differently than the Marathoner, in
that it has a 70 ounce Antidote Reservoir with Quick Link and a lumbar
style that's housed around your waist. So that gets your water weight low
and leaves your shoulders free to move. Both of these packs, you'll find
front cargo capacity; as well as tube traps and a safety whistle for when
you're out there on the trail.

Seth: With multiple sternum strap attachments, you're sure to have that
real snug fit, both across the top of the shoulder harness as well as the
bottom shoulder harness to minimize movement while you're on your run.

Azul: And to be sure that these fit accurately for your body type, the
shoulder harnesses are completely adjustable so you can raise or lower it,
no matter how long or how short your torso height may be. Both of these
packs fall under our got your back, lifetime guarantee and are perfect
packs for out there running or trail racing.

Seth: That's the Ultra LR and the Marathoner from CamelBak.
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