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Military SquadBak

Hey, I'm Seth with CamelBak, showing off some of the products from our
maximum gear line. This is the SquadBak Impact. This is a 25 liter pack
that will replace your jerry can. You're able to haul this in, mount this
up and fill multiple CamelBaks out of this. The Squadback Impact can
withstand free falls of up to 25 feet. You've got your main fill port up
top, and then for refilling your CamelBaks, you have a large diameter hose
for quick filling. Or you can utilize the dual fill ports at the base of
the pack, which will connect into the HydroLink connection on your
existing CamelBak. Just disconnect, plug your drink tube in here and you
can back fill so you don't need to remove your pack. You can quick and
hydrate and get out and on the go. 25 liters of hydration capacity. And
this is the Squadback Impact from CamelBak.