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Military TriZip

Seth: Seth here with CamelBak talking about our hydration pack as part of
our maximum gear line, this is the TriZip. The reason we call it that is it
utilizes this three zip design. You have two main top zips to get to your
gear quickly, but if you need to get to everything on the fly you can zip
this open, lay it out, lay it all the way open so you can get to every
piece of your gear. You can see that we have Molle webbing across the
entire outside of the pack which enables you to attach pockets, ammo
pouches, and anything else you might need on the fly. You have your Velcro
patch up top. Quick and easy access, on the very top so you can get at it
while you're wearing it out in the field.

Another huge feature of this pack is it utilizes the fully adjustable
Futura harness designed for carrying a ton of weight as well. It's fully
adjustable. It's great for if you're sharing with a friend or if you want
to get out there and you're wearing it with or without your body armor and
you need it to fit properly. The quickest way to access this and change the
height of the pack and the carrying ability, you've got a blade inside.
This comes out and then you want to slide it in between the harness itself
and the base of the pack and break that Velcro. That opens it up and
enables you to raise or lower it based on your torso with or without body
armor. When you find the place that you like, simply pull this blade back
out, press the Velcro closed, and then restore it in the top. That way it's
quick and easy to adjust on the fly, load bear your weight there.

In addition to the Futura harness design, you have a load bearing waist
belt. So nice thick, padded waist belt helps you get that weight lower on
your lumbar area, but if you're not a fan of the waist belt, this is also
fully removable so you can take it out and shed a little bit of weight, if
you need to.

I want to talk about our Mil Spec Antidote reservoir. You have a baffle
that runs down the center to keep it low profile which keeps that pack nice
and tight when you're getting in and out of vehicles. It's got an easy
open, quarter turn cap. It also comes with the Antidote insulated tube, a
quick link exit port with an auto shut-off and a bite valve cover to keep
it out of the elements.

All of this is covered underneath the Camelbak "Got Your Bak" lifetime
guarantee. If we build it, we'll back it.