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NASA: Hydration in Space

This is the suit processing lab of the NBL. This is primarily where we
build all the suits up for the runs that are coming up in the pool.

All hand built. All double checked. We have a lot of procedures and
everything that we go by. And this is one of DIDBs, Disposable In-suit
Drink Bags. This is the actual drink bag that the crew is drinking out of
while they're performing their tasks under water. How we basically adhere
this inside of the HUT to the suit is via this bag right here. This is what
we call our DIDB restraint bag. If you'll notice all the Velcro that's on
the bag.

Now you've got your hydration system enclosed in a restraint bag that will
fit inside of the HUT and if you notice we do have a valve stem coming out
right above the neck ring with the bite valve here. This is where the
astronauts get their hydration. Keeps it hands free, spill proof, it's not
going to leak and lose any of that precious water when you step inside of a
space bubble.