NEW Bite Valve Multi Pack

BPA Free: Our bottles and reservoirs are 100% BPA-Free.
Personalize your Groove® and eddy™ bottle with 4 colorful Bite Valves
4-COLOR PACK : 90835
4-COLOR PACK : 90835

Big Bite™ Valve's one-piece, silicone design self-seals to prevent leaks

Fits Groove® and eddy™ bottles

BPA-free silicone

Groove Only:
Remove the carbon filter as it is the only part of your bottle that is not dishwasher safe.
Give your Fresh™ Filter a quick 15-second rinse the first time you use it to dislodge any harmless, loose particles of carbon, then set it aside, as no additional cleaning is recommended.
If you accidentally run your filter through the dishwasher, discard and replace it with a new filter.

Groove and Better Bottle with Big Bite™ Valve:
Pull off the bite valve and straw from the cap. Clean it in the top rack of the dishwasher or by hand with warm, soapy water. If you like to use a bottle brush, we don’t recommend forcing a brush through the Bite Valve slit.
For a deeper cleaning, add a drop of mild soap or tablespoon of bleach to a clean glass jar filled with water. Drop the bite valve, straw and cap into the solution, and tightly close the jar’s lid. Shake the mixture around for 30 seconds, and then let the parts soak for about 15 minutes. Rinse and shake dry.
To re-insert the Bite Valve into the cap:
Flip the stem collar (the component the bite valve attached to originally) to the open position.
Orient the bite valve so the finger tab points towards the front of the cap.
Push the bite valve firmly onto the stem collar.

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