eddy™ Stainless Insulated .5L

BPA Free: Our bottles and reservoirs are 100% BPA-Free. Bite Valve: Sip with ease, flip shut for spill-proof storage. Insulated: Insulated bottles keep liquids cool on a hot day, or warm on a cold day.
The spill-proof, BPA-Free CamelBak® eddy™ makes it easy to stay hydrated on the go.
LOGO : 53387
LOGO : 53387

Hydration Capacity: 16 oz (.5 L)

CamelBak® Got Your Bak™ Guarantee: If we built it, we'll Bak it™ with our lifetime guarantee.

Double-Wall vacuum insulation keeps water cool for hours

Flip, Bite and Sip. No tipping required (though possible: just remove the straw)

Durable and spill-proof

Easy to carry: Integrated loop handle makes it easy to clip a carabiner or carry with the crook of a finger

Naturally 100% BPA-Free, taste-free stainless steel. No inner liners or plastic coatings that aluminum bottles require.

Wide-mouth opening is easy to fill with ice and water and a breeze to clean

New CamelBak® Big Bite™ Valve is compatible with CamelBak® eddy™ and CamelBak® Groove® bottles

Hydration Capacity: 16 oz (.5 L)

100% BPA-Free

CamelBak® Got Your Bak™ Lifetime Guarantee

Dimensions: 3 x 3.5 x 10 in (8 x 9 x 25.5 cm)

Big Bite Valve Material: medical grade silicone

Straw Material: BPA-Free

Bottle Material: Naturally BPA-Free 302 Stainless Steel

Insulation: Double-Wall vacuum designed to keep water cool and reduce condensation


The eddy Stainless bottle can be easily cleaned with a bottle brush using warm water and mild soap.

Cleaning the lid:
The bite valve, straw and lid can be cleaned in the top rack of the dishwasher or by hand with warm, soapy water. Pull off the bite valve and straw from the cap. If you like to use a bottle brush, we don’t recommend forcing a brush through the Bite Valve slit. If you have the brush kit, run the small brush through the straw.
For a deeper cleaning, add a drop of mild soap or tablespoon of bleach to a clean glass jar filled with water. Drop the bite valve, straw and cap into the solution, and tightly close the jar’s lid.  Shake the mixture around for 30 seconds, and then let the parts soak for about 15 minutes. Rinse and shake dry.

To re-assemble the lid:
Flip the stem collar (the component the bite valve attached to originally) to the open position. Orient the bite valve so the finger tab points towards the front of the cap. Push the bite valve firmly onto the stem collar.
Press the straw back into place on the bottom of the lid. Ensure the straw covers the notches completely.

What are CamelBak® Stainless Bottles made of?

All materials in CamelBak® bottles are selected for their safety, durability, and cleanability.  All materials are BPA-free and safe for use in a hydration bottle. CamelBak® does not use materials that contain harmful phthalates.

The new CamelBak® eddy™ Stainless Insulated .5L and eddy™ Stainless .7L are made with medical-grade stainless steel.  Stainless steel is a special type of steel that is naturally stain-resistant, corrosion-resistant and taste free. Because of these unique benefits, stainless steel is used in a variety of products from cookware and mugs to medical and surgical devices and food processing equipment.  Stainless steel is strong, scratch-resistant and provides a naturally bright, clean finish without coatings or paints.

The CamelBak® eddy™ caps used on our stainless steel bottles are made primarily from polypropylene, with other plastics that are all BPA-free and free of harmful phthalates. The bite valve is medical-grade silicone for long life and taste-free performance. The straw is made of polyethylene, the same material used in milk jugs.

Why stainless steel and not aluminum?

When we design a product we look for the best material to satisfy customer requirements.  For metal bottles, consumers tell us they prefer the durability and purity of stainless steel. Aluminum bottles have to be made with an inner coating or liners—often with undisclosed ingredients—to protect the metal, which isn’t required on a stainless steel bottle.  Stainless steel is also stronger, harder and more scratch resistant than aluminum, making a more durable long-lasting bottle for all your adventures.

What is BPA? Are the CamelBak® stainless steel bottles BPA-Free?

Bisphenol-A is an ingredient used to make polycarbonate and certain other plastics. In recent months, there has been increasing consumer demand for a bottles made without Bisphenol-A (BPA).  CamelBak® is proud to offer all of its bottles in BPA-free materials, including eddy™, Groove, Podium and Performance bottles.  The new Stainless Steel bottles are also all BPA-Free.

All of our bottle products receive rigorous 3rd party testing to ensure that no harmful chemicals have been detected to come in contact with, or leach into food/beverage surfaces. Testing is completed to demonstrate compliance with the following US and international standards:
U.S. FDA (Food and Drug Administration) food safety standards
European Community food safety standards
Japanese Ministry of Health and Welfare
California Prop 65

What are phthalates (pronounced Thal-ates)?

Phthalates are a component added to some plastics to make them soft and pliable. CamelBak® does not use materials that contain harmful phthalates.

Some other bottles talk about “extruded” construction. How are your stainless steel bottles constructed?

Metal extrusion is a process by which a single piece of metal is compressed under extremely high pressures to stretch it into a new shape, like a bottle. Extrusion processes place a lot of stress on the material and also consume a lot of energy. Our stainless steel bottles are made with a welded construction. At the start, a precision-rolled sheet of steel is cut and formed under low pressure into the shape of the bottle, then welded. Finally the bottle is ground and brushed to provide a finished appearance. Welded construction gives more freedom and control over product shape and design, and also enables us to create a lightweight double-wall vacuum bottle for our .5L insulated eddy™.

Do I need to clean the bottle before first use?

The stainless steel bottle is easily cleaned by hand with a bottle brush, using warm water and mild soap if desired.

The cap assembly can be cleaned in the top rack of a household dishwasher. The straw and bite valve may be removed from the cap to help provide better cleaning of the inside passages of the cap. It’s a good idea to place small parts in a top-rack basket, if available.

What’s the clear thing on top of the cap for? Do I remove it or cut it to drink?

The silicone ‘cap’ is the CamelBak® Big Bite™ Valve. This patented feature provides easy drinking and spill-proof safety. Do NOT remove or cut this piece to drink. Simply bite it slightly and sip as you would out of a straw.

What happens if I put sports drinks/juice in the CamelBak® eddy™?

Use of any of these drinks in the bottle is fine, but thorough cleaning after each use is recommended.

Can I use with carbonated beverages?

You can use any beverage in the CamelBak® eddy™, however we do not recommend the use of carbonated beverages with the straw configuration because pressure can force liquid out through the straw. To use with carbonated beverages, we recommend that you remove the straw and drink via "tip and sip."

Can I put hot liquids in it?

We do not recommend using hot beverages in the stainless steel bottles. The experience will be similar to drinking hot liquid through a straw, with similar risk of burns.  Additionally, the single-wall metal bottle (.7L ) does not insulate your hand from the heat of the contents.

Is the CamelBak® eddy™ microwave safe?

Like any metal product, the stainless steel bottles should not be used in a microwave oven.

Can/How do I freeze the CamelBak® eddy™ with bite valve?

You can freeze the bottle but make sure:
The bottle is not completely full when you do this (we recommend only 3/4 full to allow for expansion of the water as it freezes to ice).
The bottle is right side up
We also recommend that the bite valve stem NOT be flipped up or down if there is any frozen water in the tube.  Wait until thawed.

Does the CamelBak® eddy™ work with back country purifier filters/microfilters?

The CamelBak® eddy™ is compatible with filters that adapt to a 63 mm screw top opening (in other words, it’s compatible with most filters on the market).

What happens if I take the straw off?

Removal of the straw allows a “tip and sip” mode of drinking.

Can I use the CamelBak® eddy™ in high-altitude/ low-pressure environments (i.e. airplanes, mountain altitudes, etc)?

Yes, but with special care because pressure can force liquid out through the straw.  Keep the bottle right side up with the bite valve in the closed position.  Remove the straw for additional protection. Expect a bit of “spurt” during the first sip. You may also twist the cap open to release any pressure and then close before your first sip.

How do I clean the CamelBak® stainless steel bottles?

The stainless steel bottle can be easily cleaned by hand with a bottle brush using warm water and mild soap.

The straw, bite valve and cap are dishwasher-safe. Simply remove the straw and bite valve from the cap and place in the top rack for washing, or hand-wash with warm water and soap.

What is vacuum insulation and how is it made?

To make our Insulated .5L bottle we first construct an inner and outer bottle which are sealed together and welded shut to be completely air-tight.  Then the bottle is connected to a high-power vacuum pump which removes all the air from the gap in between the inner and outer bottle. Since there’s nothing to conduct heat across the gap, vacuum insulation is more effective than foam or other common insulating materials. Vacuum insulation works so well, it is the technology of choice for cryogenic storage tanks and other high-performance insulating vessels.  Our vacuum insulated bottle can keep your beverages cool for hours.

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Flag TED WILLIAMS 04.04.2012
I am participating in a cardiac rehab program and my advisor tells me that I need to concentrate on hydration, as I am exibiting a few signs of dehydration. I purchased the Stainless Eddy 16oz, and it is with me nearly all day. I am consuming a minimum of 32 ounces daily, and this bottle is perfect! I put in three or four ice cubes and the water is chilled to the last drop. I like this thing. Thanks for a quality product.
Flag JULIA 03.13.2012
One of the best purchases I have made. Though I wish that it held more water. It will keep ice from melting overnight. I love it!
Look no further.. This is the best bottle you can buy. This bottle is so awesome, it inspired me to write this review. Its design is almost perfect with a cap that provides a spill proof seal. Its insulation keeps the water ice cold for hours. There is absolutely no condensation whatsoever. It's just amazing. I'm sure you will not regret buying this bottle. This could be the last bottle you are going to buy in your life. Go ahead and click Buy Now, you deserve it. :)