ThermoBak 3L CBR X

Our original product, continuously improved and ugraded over the last two decades. Hundreds of thousands of troops worldwide will tell you that this is battle-winning gear. Now available with the CBR X Reservoir, which meets the U.S. Army’s stringent requirements for a Multi-Purpose Personal Hydration System.

CamelBak's fifth generation Chem Bio Reservoir™ X (CBR X) with DuraFlex Barrier™ Technology resists penetration of live chemical and biological warfare agents in addition to common toxic industrial chemicals and materials. The CBR X Reservoir is lightweight, durable, flexible and provides taste-free fluids on demand.

Also available in AUC. (SKU 41111)

CamelBak CBR X products are designed exclusively for military and tactical users, intended for purchase only by authorized military and government agency personnel, and only through authorized government purchasing channels.

NOTE: Berry Compliant MSRP is as follows:
AUC | sku 41111-DFAR | $269.14
Black | sku 41112-DFAR | $269.14
BLACK : 41112
BLACK : 41112

External fill allows for easy access to the CBR X Reservoir

Quick-release shoulder straps unclip for easy removal

500D Cordura® Fabric

Meets the U.S. Army's stringent requirements for a Multi-Purpose Personal Hydration System

Patented HydroLink™ Quick Disconnect

Patented Big Bite™ Valve plus Bite Valve Cover

HydroLock™ Valve turns water flow on/off with one easy motion

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