Kids' Bite Valves and Straws

Two replacement Kids' Bite Valves™ and two straws for the CamelBak® Kids' Bottle.
BLUE : 90747 : $15.00 PINK : 90748 : $15.00
BLUE : 90747 : $15.00

Two Kids' Bottle Bite™ Valves: one-piece, silicone design self-seals to prevent leaks

Two replacement Kids' Bottle straws enable sipping without tipping

Fits CamelBak® Kids' Bottle

Do I need to clean the bottle before first use?

We recommend that you wash the bottle and cap in warm soapy water prior to first use, and rinse thoroughly.

Is the new CamelBak® eddy™ Kids Bottle BPA-Free? Yes. The new CamelBak® eddy™ Kids Bottle is BPA-free.
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Flag REBECCA 08.05.2012
I have had the same experience with the bite valve splitting. I was told that it was because my child was biting the valve...
Flag KARIN 07.19.2012
Agree with Erika - valves split easily...
Flag ERIKA DACHAUER 08.12.2011
I loved my kids new water bottles at first! The valves though quickly split and became NOT spill-proof. I'm ordering these to replace, but foresee a lot of money invested in replacing valves regularly.... :(