Podium Arc 8 oz

100% Free of BPA and BPS: Our bottles and reservoirs are 100% Free of BPA and BPS, so you can be worry free.
Upgrade or replace your Arc belt with 2 Podium® Arc 8 oz bottles. Compatible with the Arc 2™ and Arc 4™ belt systems. Includes cages.
CLEAR : 90899 : $24.00
CLEAR : 90899 : $24.00

Always open, always shut.

Features: Spillproof Jet Valve™ with positive lockout for leakproof transport, BPA-free, taste-free TruTaste™ polypropylene with HydroGuard™, Dishwasher safe, Includes cages.

Hydration Capacity: 2 x 8 oz

Weight: 1.6 oz

Dimensions: 2 x 3.5 x 5 in / 5 x 9 x 12.5 cm

Always: 100% BPA-Free

Warranty: Got Your Bak™ Lifetime Guarantee

Bottle Material: BPA-Free Eastman Tritan™ Copolyester. Tritan makes the eddy™ clear, vibrant, durable, dishwasher safe and 100% BPA-Free.

Cap Material: BPA-Free Polypropylene

Bite Valve Material: The CamelBak Big Bite™ Valve is made from medical grade silicone

Country of Origin: China

I’m used to the CamelBak bite valve, where’s the bite valve on this bottle?

The Podium® Bottle, Podium® Chill and Podium® Ice are designed specifically for cycling, offering optimum, hassle-free hydration via an innovative feature called the CamelBak® Jet Valve™. Made from medical-grade silicone and designed to flow automatically when you squeeze the bottle, the Jet Valve vents pressure and seals shut automatically when you’re done. It’s simple—no biting involved. So say goodbye to yanking your old pop-top bottle open with your teeth and bashing it shut on your hip, as well as bothersome drips and leaks.

Explain the lockout valve under the nozzle. Do I need to shut this off every time I drink?

No. The Jet Valve™ keeps your bottle sealed and drip-free during use. The rotary valve under the nozzle on the cap is actually a secondary lock-out. We recommend using the lock-out exclusively for storage, i.e. if you’re storing the bottle in a bike bag or trunk. Leave it open during rides or for easy access when you’re drinking from the bottle. You can also lock out your backup bottle on the bike to prevent any unexpected squirts from potholes or other big hits.

Can I put sports drinks in the Podium® Bottle or Podium® Chill Bottle?

Absolutely. However, make sure to clean the bottle thoroughly after each use.

Can I use carbonated beverages?

Yes. The Jet Valve™ automatically vents pressure so that “fizz” will not cause pressure buildup. Please note, if the lockout is shut off, there will be pressure buildup, which isn’t dangerous, but could lead to unexpected spray when opened.

How do I clean the bottle?

The Podium® Bottle is dishwasher-safe and easy to clean. Simply remove the cap assembly, making sure the JetValve™ lockout is open, and place it, along with the bottle, on the top rack of your dishwasher. Do not disassemble small parts of the cap—simply place the whole cap into the washer. For best results, we recommend avoiding high-heat settings such as “sanitary clean” or “heat boost” which may distort plastic components.

We recommend cleaning the Podium® Chill and Podium® Ice bottles by hand, using warm water (and soap if desired).  High heat from the dishwasher may distort the lightweight plastic bottle components.  The Podium® Chill and Podium® Ice caps can be washed in a dishwasher. For instructions, see above.

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