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What Your Score Means

0-49: That’s okay. We hope you learned a lot and maybe even changed some of your hydration habits. If you want even more hydration content consider checking out the HydratED section of our website.

50-74: Not bad, you got more than half right, but a couple of them stumped you. Check out HydratED on our website to learn more about hydration and next time you might be a hydration expert.

75-89: Very good. You got over 75% of the answers right. If you ever want to dig deeper into the science or health aspects of hydration check out what our HydratED Advisors have to say at

90-100: We knew there were going to be a few. You are a hydration expert. We couldn’t stump you. Even though you got over 90% correct you are still welcome to look at HydratED and learn even more about hydration.

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