matt dixon

Matt Dixon, MS and CEO of purplepatch fitness

Matt’s wry sense of humor and practice of speaking his mind may be the most motivating training tool in his bag. But when combined with his pillars of performance: Endurance, Nutrition, Strength and Recovery, he and his team at purplepatch fitness are able to help athletes attain exceptional heights…including multiple Ironman Champion titles. The founder and CEO of purplepatch fitness, Matt is an exercise physiologist, elite-level coach and former professional triathlete who sees hydration as a critical part of the nutrition equation. "Hydration enables you to recover faster, it enables you to perform better during a session so you get fitter, stronger, faster."

Listen to Matt's story of his struggles as a triathlete and how he founded purplepatch fitness.

Matt’s training lexicon started to get so rich, his team has captured them in the “Dixon-ary”—here are a few of our favorites…

  • Porkchop Paradise: When you are working hard
  • Strong like bull smart like tractor: Someone that trains super hard without purpose or direction
  • The hat of justice: A towel placed on Matt's head that renders him completely impartial and allows him to make non-biased judgements of one's performance.

Look for Matt’s contributions in publications like Triathlete Magazine, Lava Magazine, Outside Magazine and Triathlete Europe. And when we hear of a new addition to the Dixon-ary, we’ll be sure to share. For more about Matt and to learn more about how hydration can improve your performance, visit

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