Beverage Temperature and Its Influence on Hydration

Purpose of Study: To evaluate beverage temperature and its influence on hydration.

Introduction: Beverage temperature has been shown to increase the desire to drink and fluid ingestion. Studies found a 50% increase in consumption when colder beverages are used during exercise and resulted in a smaller change in body mass than warmer fluids.

Discussion: Evidence shows that the optimal fluid temperature for ingestion is 50-68°F/10-20°C. Although results are mixed, it has been shown that the ingestion of cooler beverages slows the rise in core temperature and increases performance during exercise in the heat. This method of pre-cooling acts as a heat-sink which yields a larger heat-storing capacity in the body and has a strong potential to reduce core temperature during exercise. 

Conclusions: Evidence shows that maintaining a beverage between the temperatures of 50-68°F/10-20°C will increase fluid consumption. Athletes should have a plan to keep beverages cold by using insulated water bottles such as the CamelBak Podium Chill. Finally, consuming fluids prior to, during, and post exercise will promote an appropriate level of hydration for an exercising athlete. Always be sure to calculate your own hydration needs and increase fluid consumption when exercising in the heat.  

For more information check the KSI study on beverage temperature and its influence on hydration.

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