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The Influence of Hydration on Anaerobic Exercise

Your performance during anaerobic exercise, which is defined as high intensity exercise lasting between 30-120 seconds, can be greatly hindered by small levels of dehydration.

Of the five studies to accurately assess anaerobic muscular endurance, it is suggested that dehydration at a level of 3‐4% reduces anaerobic muscular endurance by an estimate of 10%.

Body mass losses of 3‐4% can occur in exercise lasting 60-90 minutes, especially if an athlete begins practice dehydrated or there are additional external factors affecting sweat rate (environmental temperature, protective equipment/clothing, etc.).

Practical Applications
Prior to competition, practice, or conditioning sessions, ensure proper hydration to maximize anaerobic performance during activity.

Proper hydration during activity will assist in preventing any additive effects of dehydration on anaerobic endurance performance decrements.

Athletes participating in sports such as football, ice hockey, wrestling, and rugby should maintain adequate hydration to attenuate anaerobic endurance performance decrements during activity.

Read the Korey Stringer Institute (KSI) study on "The Influence of Hydration on Anaerobic Exercise."

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