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Meet the CamelBak Athletes and Learn How They Stay Hydrated

CamelBak athletes all know one thing. Hydrate or Die. We sat down with Slater Trout, Lindsay Voreis, Kirt Voreis, Eric Porter, Katie Holden, and Mark Weir to learn more about their hydration habits, what equipment they use, and some of their hydration stories.

Slater Trout is a professional Stand Up Paddler living in Hawaii and at just 18 years old is known within the industry as the future of Stand Up Paddling. With numerous wins in 2010 Slater will only continue to improve. Hydration to Slater is a way of life, “If I am not hydrated, nothing feels right and I cannot perform at my best.” Slater who uses the CamelBak Tahoe LR to stay hydrated during races says that for him hydrating for a race starts the day before. Many CamelBak athletes promote the use of electrolytes during long races and Slater is no exception. When he isn’t drinking regular water he is drinking electrolyte heavy coconut water. Thankfully Slater doesn’t have any dangerous dehydration stories and he told us that the worst thing that has happened was a hand cramp so bad he couldn’t grip his paddle. After being forced to drop out of that race as a result he swore to never allow dehydration to get the best of him. For more information on Slater check out his Profile Page.

Eric Porter drinks more water than anyone he knows. As a professional freeride mountain biker hydration is everything to him. Eric doesn’t limit himself to just mountains. Catch him on dirt jumps and even urban settings, always on his bike. Eric notices the performance benefits of hydration first hand. He experiences increased endurance as well as mental clarity, and believes that, “…if you aren’t thinking about running out of water and being dehydrated you can focus on the task at hand.” Eric also thanks CamelBak for protecting his spine from impact when during a bad crash he went tumbling through the woods and landed on some rocks. As a result of spending long days in the backcountry Eric frequently relies on his All Clear bottle to provide clean and safe drinking water. Eric left us with a riding tip. He recommends trying to drink water in between hard sections of the trail so you are not out of breath, and it’s easier to drink. You can follow Eric on twitter.

Kirt Voreis is a mountain bike ambassador from San Bernardino, CA currently living in Bend, Oregon. Kirt wakes up every morning to some Guayaki Mate’ and follows that up with a full podium bottle to lead him into his day. When Kirt hits the trail he fills his pack with bike tools, energy snacks, band-aids, and tubes. He usually brings along 1.5L of water for a ride and also keeps elixir close by to help keep his energy and electrolyte levels up. For more information on Kirt check out his Profile Page.

Katie Holden is a bike enthusiast, coach, blogger and world traveler who has been riding with CamelBak for 2 years. Katie recommends setting a reoccurring timer to help keep on track with hydration. On rides she brings 100oz of water, and when she needs an extra boost she chooses elixir. Katie rides with the motto that if her pack is still heavy mid-ride than she isn’t drinking enough water. Finally Katie let us know that because of a great fit she loves the Sparkle LR and keeps it filled with tools, patches, pumps and snacks. For more information on Katie visit her website.

Lindsey Voreis is a mountain biker, writer and brand ambassador who has been riding with CamelBak since 2005. Lindsey tries to drink 8 ounces of water every hour of the day. She says, “It means keeping my body strong, hydrated and healthy… It keeps me from cramping during long rides, flushes out toxins, and keeps the aches and pains away. If I get a headache, it’s usually because I’m dehydrated.” Lindsey also likes to keep a full eddy bottle wherever she might be making sure she is never far from water. Lindsey adjusts the amount of water she brings depending on the duration of her ride. For shorter rides she sticks with just a podium, but for longer rides she has a 70oz or a 100oz bladder to choose from. When it gets hot days Lindsey puts elixir in her CamelBak to make sure she is getting the electrolytes she needs. Lindsey was also kind enough to share her scariest dehydration story. She was on the TV show survivor and they were forced to drink from a dangerous water source after boiling it. She ended up peeing blood, passing out and had excruciating pain in her lower back and kidneys while she was put on IV for four hours. Thankfully, Lindsey ended up being okay and she never lets herself get close to that point of dehydration again. For more on Lindsey Voreis check out her twitter.

Mark Weir is a downhill, cross-country and 24 hour marathon event cyclist with over 19 first place finishes in the past three years. Living just a few miles north of CamelBak headquarters in Novato, California Mark claims to drink over a gallon of water per day. He also keeps his CamelBak full at all times and keeps a full glass by the sink. The easier it is to drink water the more likely you will actually do it. Mark describes himself as being in a, “…constant state of rehydrating.” He keeps food, screws, bolts, chains, tubes and pumps in his pack during rides. Mark has also had some dangerous dehydration stories. He told us how during the Hell Ride in 2008, “I was so dehydrated I started to lose control of everything away from my chest. My hands and legs turned purple and I was struggling to see the trail. The worst part was that I was having real trouble breathing.” Mark said he almost died during that ride and makes an effort to never allow himself to get to that point of dehydration again. For More information on Mark Weir visit his Profile Page.

CamelBak is proud to be the hydration sponsor of these athletes and if you have any questions you would like answered for our second round of questions feel free to leave them in the comment section.

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