Inside CamelBak: The Water Carrier Award

At CamelBak, we push ourselves to continuously reinvent and forever change the way people hydrate and perform. To do this, we strive for daily innovation, excellence and inspiration within our own walls–after all, it begins with the people we work with. So how do we encourage this within the CamelBak community? 

The Annual CamelBak Water Carrier Award

Each year, CamelBak honors one or more individuals with the Water Carrier award. The Water Carrier award honors those who fully embody CamelBak company culture and values to those around them. They inspire coworkers, customers and associates by taking on new challenges, seeking innovative solutions and going above and beyond to make a positive impact in the community. These honorees are people who others love to work with and aspire to become.

The Meaning Behind "Water Carrier"

In the life of an America Indian tribe, the water carrier held one of the most important and respected positions. Carrying water to fellow tribe members sustained life and provided one of the essential elements for survival. To be a water carrier suggested commitment, dependability, vitality and resourcefulness. These traits are highly valued at CamelBak and are celebrated with this annual award. 

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