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CamelBak Hydrates Team Garmin-Slipstream During Grueling Tour de France Cycling Race
BARCELONA, Spain – With temperatures exceeding 85 degrees Fahrenheit, two of the biggest challenges facing riders during the Tour de France is staying properly hydrated and keeping their core body temperature cool.

Team Garmin-Slipstream is relying on CamelBak’s® Podium® and insulated Podium® ChillJacket™ water bottles to stay hydrated and cool during this year’s premiere cycling event.  For optimal performance under tough conditions, the nine Garmin-Slipstream riders will use more than 2,100 Podium bottles during the Tour’s 21 stages.

“Gamin-Slipstream is the first team to be supplied with an insulated bike bottle to help them stay cool during the Tour de France, “ said Dave Carr, Global Product Manager for CamelBak. “We were excited to provide the team with our Podium ChillJackets that keep their water cool twice as long as standard bottles, which helps riders stay as hydrated as possible during the hot stages of the race.”

The Podium ChillJacket keeps liquids cool twice as long as standard water bottles with its airtight, foam-lined insulation and double-wall construction.  The bottle features CamelBak’s exclusive high-flow Jet Valve™, which is self-sealing so athletes can grab, drink from and stash the bottle without worrying about opening and closing the valve.  An additional lockout toggle prevents leaks during transport.

“We’re always looking for new ways to make hydration gear for athletes that won’t slow them down or get in their way,” said Sally McCoy, President and CEO of CamelBak. “CamelBak is honored that a team of Garmin-Slipstream’s caliber chose our products as part of its technical gear for all of their races, especially the Tour de France.”

The Podium (MSRP:  $8) and Podium ChillJacket bottles (MSRP:  $12) are available at specialty retailers nationwide.

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