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CamelBak Blends Peace of Mind with Performance in New Hydration Packs, Accessories
SALT LAKE CITY – CamelBak®, the name synonymous with hands-free hydration, continues to improve its award-winning packs by unveiling new designs and technologies that make personal hydration gear more intelligent. 

From the new Flow Meter™, which tracks water consumption and reservoir fill-levels, to the innovative N.V.I.S.™ back panel that makes hydration packs more stable and comfortable, CamelBak is making hydration products that work smarter and better with the body. CamelBak introduced its new packs and accessories at the Outdoor Retailer Summer Market, July 21-24, in booth #15027.

 “We’re exploring everything from intelligent electronic devices to smarter suspension and cinching systems to help people go farther and perform better with confidence in their hydration gear,” said Jon Austen, Director of Product Management for CamelBak. “We want them to focus on their run, ride or climb and not have to worry about hydrating.”

CamelBak ® Flow Meter™
Consumers have asked for a way to track how much water they have consumed and how much is left in their reservoir. CamelBak has answered that call with their latest piece of intelligent hydration – the Flow Meter. The CamelBak Flow Meter tracks how much water has been consumed – ensuring personal hydration goals are met – and how much remains in the reservoir. It also calculates how much time is left until the reservoir is empty. The Flow Meter is an innovation in intelligent personal hydration that answers the call of the #1 request from consumers and can be customized based on individual needs and activity level.

It is easy to integrate with any CamelBak reservoir and will be available at retail locations nationwide in October for $30 (MSRP).

CamelBak ® Outdoor Hydration Packs – Alpine Collection
Whether squeezing a quick hike into a jam-packed day or setting out on a full day summit attempt, it’s imperative that the pack not be a burden. CamelBak’s new alpine packs have been reconstructed to be lighter, sleeker and perfectly balanced to provide maximum comfort and an ample water supply. They are engineered with the N.V.I.S. back panel featuring multi-directional ventilation and an innovative dual-V suspension system, positioning water weight comfortably while letting cool air in.

The new CamelBak Vista 32™ and the significantly redesigned CamelBak Vantage 35™ are the ultimate lightweight solutions for technical outdoor pursuits ranging from a full day to a full weekend. Both can hold up to 100 oz of water and feature a Dynamic Suspension™ Harness and Load-Bearing Belt to enhance comfort and stability.

They will be available in October for $150 each (MSRP).

CamelBak ® Multi-Sport Hydration Packs
Creating innovations in pack designs for outdoor endurance pursuits, CamelBak introduces new and improved hydration packs for users who set no boundaries. They’re lighter, sleeker and more efficient – specifically designed for activities where ounces and grams matter most.

Delaney Plus™ is the newest in the series of waist mounted bottle carriers that always go the distance to help athletes run their best. Named for CamelBak associate John Delaney, 23-time Boston Marathon finisher, the Delaney Plus is perfect for road or trail runs lasting longer than one hour. It will be available in October for $40 (MSRP).

Quick Grip™ is a handheld bottle system that includes an insulated Podium™ ChillJacket™ bottle to keep water cooler longer. It will be available in October for $20 (MSRP).

Octane 24™, with a hydration capacity of 100 oz, is the perfect ultra-light pack for an entire day of racing or light and fast adventures. Weighing in at a mere 1 lb. and with ample cargo space and room for 70 oz of water, the Octane 18X™ is perfect for three-plus hours on the trail.

The Octane 24 and Octane 18X will both be available in October for $100 and $90 respectively (MSRP).
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