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The CamelBak ThermoBak® AB Reinvents How Warfighters Hydrate
Washington, D.C. (October 5, 2009) – CamelBak® is now offering four new hydration packs that attach directly to body armor, including the ThermoBak® AB. The ThermoBak AB can be worn as a traditional stand alone hydration pack or attached directly to body armor using the D.A.A.S. – Direct Armor Attachment System. This new D.A.A.S. system is the quickest and easiest way to attach hydration directly to an IOTV or MTV.

 “Soldiers came to us with a concern,” said Hunter Shoop, GMI Product Manager for CamelBak, “They wanted to attach their CamelBak directly to body armor without having to zip-tie it, which can interfere with the vest’s rapid release mechanism, so our product development team went to work on a new design immediately. The ThermoBak AB is a great example of our commitment to innovation based on user feedback.”

The ThermoBak AB is made of 500D Cordura®, significantly reducing its weight. It houses a low profile 102 oz reservoir that enables the user to sit more upright in vehicles, and helps distribute the weight more evenly over their back. These new features make the packs lighter, faster, and stronger. Other features include quick-attach pressure straps to cinch down the pack, creating enough water pressure to easily rinse glasses and goggles, under-arm tube routing to optimize functionality and user comfort, the Omega Water Beast Reservoir and the Big Bite Valve.

The new ThermoBak® AB, ArmorBak, Ambush AB 500, and MULE® 500 packs are available now on GSA contract GS07-F9727H, at Military Exchanges, and all CamelBak Maximum® Gear distribution outlets.
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