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CamelBak Receives U.S. Army Approval
PETALUMA, Calif. – CamelBak Products, LLC, announced today that its Chem Bio Reservoir X™ (CBR X), the next-generation of hydration safety equipment, meets the US Army’s stringent requirements for a Multi-Purpose Personal Hydration System and is able to withstand 6 hours of chemical challenge after the rigors of 30 days of use, making it easier and safer to stay hydrated in a CBRN threat environment. The product is safe for everyday use and suitable for hydrating with military gas mask during a chemical or biological incident.

By combining CamelBak’s DuraFlex Barrier™ material, HydroGuard™ technology and HydroLink™ modular attachment systems, the CBR X sets a new standard for providing hands-free access to safe drinking water while working in some of the world’s most lethal environments.

The CBR X advanced hydration system is ideal for military, law enforcement, homeland security, HAZMAT and emergency personnel faced with chemical and biological threats.

"We design, test and manufacture our hydration systems to perform in the most challenging and lethal environments in the world," said Sally McCoy, CEO of CamelBak. CamelBak introduced their first chemical and biological resistant reservoir in 2000 to ensure safe, hands-free hydration while wearing protective masks and related clothing. The company has since invested significant resources and research in the design and production of various improved versions of its original, groundbreaking product.

Current military and law enforcement branches using CamelBak hydration systems include individuals and units in all U.S. military services, numerous federal tactical units in most DHS agencies, Naval Special Warfare, U.S. Army Special Forces and other military special operations units worldwide.*


          * This statement does not imply an endorsement by any DoD agency. Military Personnel are always encouraged to validate official approvals for use with their respective agencies. Contact CamelBak® for more details.
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