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CamelBak Announces the “Ditch Disposable” Earth Day Pledge

PETALUMA, Calif. – CamelBak today announced its “Ditch Disposable 30-Day Pledge” – to spread awareness of the benefits of using a reusable water bottle and encourage consumers to change their hydration habits, and promote sharing of this message during a period of high receptiveness to sustainable messaging.

“We hope to help consumers create hydration habits that are healthy for them and healthy for the planet,” said CamelBak CMO Chris Strain. By going ‘disposable-free’ for 30 days, pledgers will save an average of 18 bottles from entering landfills; if all Americans took the pledge we could eliminate 5.5 million of these plastic bottles within a 30-day period.*

This pledge also saves consumers money – bottled water can cost up to 500 times the cost of tap water. That adds up to about $300 a year for most Americans. And best of all, studies show that CamelBak bottles encourage their owners to drink 24% more water than with a disposable bottle–delivering all the improved health, mood and cognitive benefits of regular hydration.**

Just in time for Earth Day, CamelBak invites customers, business partners and fans to take the pledge and share it with others. The CamelBak Ditch Disposable campaign will begin in April and include aggressive use of digital and social media, offering prizes for the active participants in the campaign.

Join CamelBak at www.camelbak.com to (find out how your organization can participate in this exciting campaign) visit the CamelBak Ditch Disposable Pledge page to pledge and share.


* The average American consumes an average of 215 bottles per year, at an average cost of $1.35/bottle. http://www.statisticbrain.com/bottled-water-statistics/


** According to a 2009 Pepperdine University study “Water Consumption in Humans: Effect of Water Bottle Type”

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