Reliable Purification. Whatever the Destination.

Lukla, Nepal. Baja Peninsula. Beijing. The Grand Tetons. Wherever your adventure takes you, CamelBak All Clear is equipped to safely and effectively purify the water you have on hand. Fill from a hotel tap or campground spigot, or use the All Clear pre-filter accessory to strain out sediment when filling from a natural source. The clearer the water, the more effective the UV purification (and the more enjoyable your water is to drink).

0.75L Better Bottle

Light, durable and BPA free.

Carrying Case

Protects UV cap when not in use.

Classic Cap

For easy, leak-proof transport.


Strains out sediment when filling from a natural source for optimal UV purification.

*Sold Separately

USB Cable

Recharge from any USB compatible power source including wall, car and solar chargers.

UV Cap

For fast, effective microbiological purification.

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