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CamelBak All Clear™ utilizes proven UV technology to effectively neutralize microbiological contaminants without introducing chemicals—a technology employed by many urban water municipalities for its reliable effectiveness in the large-scale purification of tap water. Reducing bacteria by 99.9999%, viruses by 99.99% and protozoan cysts by 99.9%, All Clear purifies water not only to stringent EPA standards, but to CamelBak’s uncompromising standards of safety and performance.

All Clear Testing Results

To qualify as a microbiological water purifier, production-quality units must meet or exceed the EPA Guide Standard for the reduction of viruses, bacteria and cysts. The units are challenged with test water containing known concentrations of the bacterium Raoultella terrigena, the two enteric viruses: poliovirus and rotavirus, and the oocyst Cryptosporidium parvum. Want to learn more? Read the complete performance results:

Download the complete third-party testing results >
Download the official EPA testing standards >

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