gage underhill
Gage Underhill

Name: Gage Underhill

Occupation: Tech Sergeant, USAF

Specialist Interests & Activities: Firearms, Harley Enthusiast

Bak Talk Story: Gage Underhill has been a fan of CamelBak since the first Camo M.U.L.E. was developed. He used it in it the Middle East during Operation South Watch during the late 90s when most people in the field were carrying canteens. The M.U.L.E. kept him hydrated in high heats. He says he never goes out into the field without it.

When he’s not in the field, he uses Talon and CamelBak water bottles. He’s been issued other hydration pack brands but thinks they pale in comparison. Recently on his way home from work, he had his Talon strapped to the back of his Harley. The pack came loose and flew off at 73 MPH. It was packed with some military gear, an iPad, Military paperwork, etc. Highway patrol found the pack and returned it to Gage. All of his gear was saved and his pack is still in working condition.

He appreciates the superior quality of CamelBak products and thanks CamelBak for keeping him hydrated and protecting his gear.

CamelBak Product: Talon, MIL TAC M.U.L.E.

Watch his Bak Talk story below.