Joe Hattabaugh
Joe Hattabaugh

Name: Joe Hattabaugh

Occupation: Wilderness EMT, YMCA Wilderness Counselor, Firearms Trainer

Specialist Interests & Activities: Firearms, Harley Enthusiast

Bak Talk Story: Joe wears several hats, all of which include CamelBak Tactical products for hydration as he works on a wilderness EMT search and rescue team. His day job is running a YMCA wilderness counseling program for troubled youth that he founded, called High Flight. And on the side, he teaches people to safely shoot guns through his own company after being credentialed by the National Rifle Association. His Bak Talk tale begins in 1995, "right around the time CamelBak was really starting to come on the map with the outdoor community.” This was also when he started working as a wilderness EMT. One of the biggest lessons he encountered during this time was the importance of water as he witnessed numerous people caught in the wild suffering from dehydration. He originally used standard CamelBak products during search and rescue missions, but eventually got hooked on the Tactical products and today uses them for both his EMT life (Motherlode and BFM) and civilian/mountain biking life (Transformer). With so many interests we asked him if there was anything he didn't do. "I don't do dishes and I don't do laundry," he said, who has a degree in criminal justice but refused to sit in a police cruiser all day. That's why he started the High Flight program. "I tend to not still very long. Being outdoors is my passion."

CamelBak Product: B.F.M., M.U.L.E. & others

Watch his Bak Talk story below.