Jon Amend
Jon Amend

Name: Jon Amend

Occupation: Wildland Firefighter

Specialist Interests & Activities: Firearms, Harley Enthusiast

Bak Talk Story: Jon started using original CamelBaks in the 90s while in college for mountain biking and racing. He and his wife bought each other HAWGs for their first wedding anniversary. He and his brother began fighting wildfires and took their old red and black HAWGs into the fire. As they began to work more away from their fire engine, they needed the ability to carry more (flares, food, radios, fire shelters, First-Aid, etc). They eventually bought hydration backpacks, made specifically for firefighters, from True-North. However, while they like and still use the True-North packs, they prefer the CamelBak bladders and use them in their True-North packs. "Our crew's True-North Spitfire packs are all outfitted with 100 oz. CamelBak bladders that have never had a malfunction or leak." They have used the bladder/firefighter packs in WA, ID, MT, and NV during the last six years. He and his wife still use their HAWGs for cycling, and a larger military CamelBak for skiing and climbing. He says, "I appreciate the durability of your products. Durability, usage, and safety are paramount for what I do. Thanks for keeping me hydrated while biking, hunting, skiing, picking hay, and fighting fire. Your product has impressed me since I got my first CamelBak in 1995. Keep up the good work."

CamelBak Product: M.U.L.E., MIL TAC H.A.W.G.

Watch his Bak Talk story below.