Bak Talk: Matt Peninger
Matt Peninger

Name: Matt Peninger

Occupation: Army National Guard Veteran

Bak Talk Story: Matt has experience with CamelBak in both the civilian and military worlds. He first experienced a ThermoBak in 2000 when he joined the Army National Guard. At the time he had friends with the Assault pack, but being in college he couldn't justify spending the money, so instead purchased an off-brand backpack with a reservoir. “That didn't last very long,” he said. Friends told him to invest in a CamelBak, “and you won’t be sorry.” He went out and bought the MULE for his civilian adventures, as well as a HAWG. In 2008 he was deployed to Mosul, Iraq and was issued a backpack and a generic water pack. He said that the issuance perplexed him as to why they didn't simply issue a BFM to get everything in one. So he went out and bought his own digital camo BFM.

"Every month out in the field with infantry and I've always used and abused them in the field. I've never had one fail on me. Only reason I've moved on is because I want something bigger. I wasn't going to mess with this smaller backpack,” and noted the manufacturing quality is apparent in the BFM versus the pack he was issued. He used the BFM for a whole year in and around Mosul. “I still use it to this day.”

Because the BFM still suits his needs even after all that wear and tear, he is trying to justify the purchase of a Transformer or a Talon. He owns a Rogue for things like workouts and festivals. He uses CamelBaks these days to hunt or when he goes on adventures in his hometown of Evansville, IN. He can stuff “two days worth” of clothes in the BFM for a weekend at home. “You pay for what you get and visa versa.”

CamelBak Products: ThermoBak, BFM

Watch his Bak Talk story below.