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Lindsey Voreis

Lindsey Voreis is a professional mountain biker who shares her passion for mountain biking to women across the globe. In 2003, Lindsey and her professional mountain biker husband, Kirt Voreis developed the AllRide Tour where they travel North America promoting mountain biking as brand ambassadors, skills instructors, and racers. They also sponsor kids to give them life experiences and together they share their love of mountain biking with the public. 

During her travels Lindsey noticed a void in female participation in mountain biking so she got certified to teach as a way to help women see the beauty in the sport and the lifestyle that comes with it. She is a certified mountain bike skills instructor through PMBI (Professional Mountain Bike Instruction), and IMBA’s ICP (Instructor Certification Program).

Lindsey is currently in high demand to teach women's clinics all over North America. Her mission: “To change women’s lives with two wheels and some dirt.” She is passionate about the symmetry between mountain biking and life and has a unique style of teaching that inspires women to live their best life. Lindsey says she “teaches people how to give their bikes life and helps them understand the exciting relationship between them and their bikes.”

Fun Fact: Lindsey was on the TV show Survivor: Africa in 2001 and appeared on talk shows such as: David Letterman, Howard Stern, Regis and Kelly, Hollywood Squares, The CBS Early Show, and appeared in Eminem's music video: Without Me.  

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