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All Clear Technology

CamelBak All Clear Microbiological UV Water Purifier is a portable purification system built into a water bottle that allows you to hydrate safely every time. 60 seconds to purified water -- anywhere. Fill from taps, streams, spigots and more. Reduces bacteria 99.9999%, virus 99.99%, Protozoa 99.9%. Its energy efficient design lasts 10,000 cycles.

Azul: Azul here from CamelBak today with head of R&D, Jeremy Galten, in the
CamelBak Lab. We're excited to talk about one of the newest innovations
CamelBak has to offer. That's the All Clear UV Water Purifier. Tell us a
bit about All Clear.

Jeremy: Well, All Clear is basically a product that uses UV light to be
able to purify clear water sources. And so, what we wanted to do is that we
wanted to develop a product that is simple and intuitive for users so they
feel confident that when they needed to treat microbiologically unsafe
water they could use our product and feel confident that they're actually
getting something that is good and not going to make them sick.

Azul: So, UV as a water purifier, is this something I would have seen, say,
in a municipality somewhere or...

Jeremy: Absolutely. The water you get into your house may be actually
treated with UV light. What we're trying to do is make that UV light simple
and intuitive and portable.

Azul: Give me a quick overview on how this product works.

Jeremy: So all you do is take our .75 liter bottle and our All Clear UV cap
and fill your bottle with that questionable water, thread it back down,
nice intuitive interface, single button operation, hold it down for two
seconds. See that light going on? Now you know it's working. After a little
bit of agitation, make sure all those nasties get exposure to the UV light,
and when it's done you've got three quarters of a liter of purified water.

Azul: Well, there you heard it. It's as simple as one, two, three. Fill
your bottle, press the button and agitate because at CamelBak we know when
it comes to drinking water, it's crucial that you have a reliable source,
whether you're in the back country or traveling where there are
questionable water sources.
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