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Alpine Explorer & Trinity

Azul: Seth and Azul here with CamelBak. Today we want to talk to you about our hike collection. Specifically the Trinity and the Alpine Explorer.

Seth: The trinity is a women's fit design. So it's got a shorter torso
height. S-curved harnesses, and buckles moved out of the rubbing areas to
help keep you comfortable when you're out there on your trail.

Azul: Both of these day hike packs come equipped with the 100 ounce or 3
liter antidote reservoir with Quick Link.

Seth: A 3 liter reservoir is going to keep you on the trail for 3 plus
hours. So just enough hydration for an all-day session. As well as enough
cargo's in both of these packs to carry all the gear you need. Whether it's
your lunch, an extra layer or two. Maybe gloves, trail map or compass.

Azul: That's right. Multiple storage compartments is going to keep all of
your essential gear right where you need it.

Seth: Both of these come equipped with a D-fit harness. Which is a dynamic
suspension that allows the shoulder harness to pivot based on the width of your shoulders and your back.

Azul: As you can see, both of them have the air director back panel with
pods to keep the pack off your back. We've also got a couple of cinch systems
to keep the cargo pressed close into the back so you're not going to find
any sloshing if your find any rugged parts to the trail.

Seth: They both come with an over flow. Which is additional storage for
maybe a shed layer or anything you need to get to on the fly. As well as a
waist belt that you can keep on or remove based on what your needs are.

Azul: These are fantastic packs for 3 hours on the trail if you've got a
lot of cargo to carry, and you want to stay hydrated. Both covered by the Got Your Bak lifetime guarantee. If we built it, we'll back it.

Seth: And that's the Trinity and Alpine Explorer from CamelBak.