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Cloud Walker & Day Star

Azul: Seth and Azul here from CamelBak. Today we want to talk about part of
our Hike Collection, the Cloud walker and the Day Star.

Seth: The Day star is a women's fit design so it's got a shorter torso
height, S-curved harnesses and buckles moved out of the rubbing zone so
to help keep women on the trail with the proper fit.

Azul: Both these packs are great for hitting the trail for two-plus hours
as they come equipped with this 70 ounce or two liter Antidote reservoir.

Seth: They've got enough cargo to store lunch, maybe a trail map, compass,
and a shed layer, just the minimal things that you might need out on the trail
for a nice day hike.

Azul: These are also great packs for around town because they'll fit
computer or even some office essentials if you just need something to
commute with. Beyond the main cargo compartment here, we've got a little
side access organizational compartment there. Just so you have those
necessary smaller essentials at your disposal when you need them.

Seth: Good all around packs, part of our Hike Collection, the Cloud walker
and the Day star from CamelBak.

Azul: Both protected by the Got Your Bak lifetime guarantee.