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Fourteener & Aventura

Azul: Seth and Azul here from Camelbak. Today we want to talk to you about
our Alpine collection. Specifically, the Fourteener and Aventura.

Seth: That's right, the Aventura is a woman's designed pack. So its got S-
curved harnesses and buckles moved away from the rubbing zones. As well as
being a little bit shorter on the torso height. Azul: Both of these packs are rebuilt from the inside out and equipped with
100 ounce Antidote Reservoir with Quick Link.

Seth: And they also have the N.V.I.S. back panel. Which is a nice
ventilated system that's great for load bearing. And it's stabilized with a
load bearing waist buckle that you can fully adjust and clench down to get
that weight nice and low and secure on your hips.

Azul: These are great all around packs for hitting the trail. As you can
see, they've got multiple attachment points for any sort of tools you might
need. Whether it being an ice ax or trekking poles.

Seth: The biggest thing that I use on this pack is the overflow. So I can
shove the shed layer. Or if you're carrying a helmet or any extra equipment,
you can just store it in the outside. It's nice and easy to get to. And
there's plenty of room.

Azul: Besides the main cargo compartment right here, you've also
got additional cargo storage right here that's got an organizational flow
to it. So you know which tools you need and where they are.

Seth: It's got a fleece line media pocket. As well as two side stretch
pockets. So you can store bottles or extra energy gels.

Azul: All and all, a great pack for hitting the trail. Both protected by
the Got Your Bak Guarantee: If we built it, we'll Bak it.

Seth: That's the Fourteener and Aventura, from Camelbak.