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Highwire 25 & Highwire 20

Seth: Hey, Seth and Azul here. Want to talk about our Lightweight Alpine
Packs, the Highwire 25 and 20.

Both of these come equiped with 100 ounce Antidote reservoir with the
quick link system. That's 3 liters of hydration that's going to keep you
out on the trail for a few hours.

Azul: The Antidote is housed behind our rigid, lightweight, ventilated
backpanel which is going to give you enough rigidity to make sure your
cargo doesn't slosh around or sag on your back.

The Highwire 20 is a great pack for hitting the back country. If you
want to go fast, light and efficient.

Seth: If you want a little bit more cargo and you're carrying a little bit
more weight, the Highwire 25 is a good pack. It's got side stretch pockets
so you can store an additional water bottle, maybe some gear or a cliff

You can also run the compression webbing over or under the pocket
depending on how much gear you have inside.

The Highwire 25 also has a load bearing waist belt with pocket,
which is going to help stabilize the load when you have a little bit more
cargo and a little bit more weight. Azul: Both of these packs are going to house
the essential gear you need so that you can hit the trails in a fast and
efficient way.

Azul: Both protected by the Got your Bak Lifetime guarantee. If we built
it, we'll Bak it.

Seth: That's the Highwire 25 and the Highwire 20 Lightweight Alpine packs
from CamelBak.