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Kids' Packs

Seth: Hey, Seth and Azul from CamelBak showing off some of our kids'
hydration packs.

Azul: That's right. Starting with the bike collection, we've got the Mini-
Mule, the Skeeter, and then for outdoors we've got the Scout. All of these
are going to keep your child out there on the trail hydrating themselves as
well as carrying their own gear to help with their independence when
they're outside. The Scout is a great outdoor pack because it's got a front
window that they can store sticks, leaves, or even bugs or anything they
find on the trail. It's also got a side pocket, you can add an extra water
bottle, maybe, some energy gels and enough cargo room to keep an extra
jacket when it warms up.

Seth: That's right. The Mini-Mule comes with an organizational front pocket
and a 50 ounce Antidote Reservoir. All in all, it's the little version of
dad's Mule. It's a great pack for your kid to ride with. Over here with the
Skeeter, it's a minimalist pack. It's purely hydration for any young one
who needs to keep hydrated.

Azul: All of these packs have reflectivity mounted on the backs so it helps
keep them safe when they're out here on the road.

Seth: Drinking water is the last thing on your kid's mind, but it should be
the first thing on your mind. You never want to see your kid get
dehydrated. Hydration is as important for the elite athlete as it should be
for you. This is our CamelBak kids collection; the Mini-Mule, the Skeeter,
the Scout, all protected by the got your back, lifetime guarantee. We built
it, we'll back it.