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CamelBak's new women's specific mountain bike hydration packs. See the 2013 NV back panel.

Hey, Seth here with Kristine from CamelBak. Want to talk about some of the
women's designed mountain bike packs.

Kristine: All of our women's designed mountain bike packs have some great
features. We have a narrower shoulder strap width which keeps the shoulder straps
from slipping off of your shoulders as you're riding. They also all have
this S-shape harness so it really fits the contours of a woman's body.
We've got the strap buckles down here at the bottom, so they don't rub on
your sides. All the packs also have this Velvetex soft-touch feature which
is really nice if you're wearing a tank top or if you've just got some bare
skin. Finally, the packs all have a shorter torso length which is really
nice and fits really well on a woman's body.

Seth: So depending on what type of riding, how long, what trails, there's a
pack that is going to suit your needs. The Magic here is a two liter,
little bit smaller, lower profile pack for just carrying the essential
tools, tubes, that type of thing. If you're going out a little bit longer,
then the L.U.X.E. has a three liter, 100 oz. reservoir which is great for all
day, but it'll also carry plenty of extra tools, shed layer, snacks, tubes,
chock pump, all that kind of stuff that you might need for all day. This is
basically a women's equivalent of what a lot of people know for the M.U.L.E.

Kristine: And if you want to carry all that and you also want to have our
top of the line back panel technology, we got the L.U.X.E. NV. And like all of
our products, it's backed by our Got Your Bak guarantee. If we built it,
we'll back it.

Seth: Those are some of the women's designed mountain design backpacks from