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CamelBak's new mountain bike hydration packs with the all new NV back panel.

Seth: Hey, Seth with CamelBak hanging out with Mark Weir. Want to talk
about the H.A.W.G. and the M.U.L.E. NV, two of the best packs you can find for
mountain biking, and the new key NV Back Panel technology.

So Weir, what type of riding are you doing?

Mark: Long, all-day, like Trans-Provence style racing, where it's a seven
day stage race. It's mostly downhill but you've got a lot of transfers.
You've got a lot of stuff in your back and it's nice to have ventilation
and how it flexes and kind of forms to your back. It's just a great feel,
and you can run it all day.

Seth: Yeah. When we were designing this pack, one of the key features
that we wanted to do is have each of these pods articulate independently.
But also the whole pack will actually wrap as you stand up or crunch over;
whether you're hugging rocks or standing up and hammering up a steep hill.

They both come with integrated rain covers. They also have helmet hooks
just like everything else in the mountain bike line. You can clip your
helmet right to the pack if you're not wearing it.

These packs come with a three liter Antidote reservoir. The Mule is
your tried and true, all-day, every day. Whether it's a short run or a six
plus hours outside, the Mule NV and the Hawg NV will carry everything you

Both of these packs are covered underneath the Got Your Bak lifetime
guarantee. If we built it, we'll back it.