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MULE and Lobo

CamelBak's best-selling mountain bike packs have been redesigned for 2013. See the updated features in the new MULE and Lobo.

Kevin: Hi, this is Kevin and Seth with CamelBak, and we're going to talk to
you about a couple of packs from our mountain bike line.

Seth: That's right. This is the Lobo. It's a three liter, 100 ounce pack,
just enough cargo to carry the bare essentials when you want to be light
and fast out on the trail but still ride all day. A nice low profile pack
when mostly what you need is water and a little bit for gear.

It still comes equipped with the helmet hooks. If you want to hook
your helmet to it when you're riding, you can. If you're shuttling up and
you're not quite at the trail head, and you want something bigger, the Mule
is the pack for you. Kevin:

So the M.U.L.E. is also a three liter, 100 ounce reservoir. It lets you carry
everything you need for a three hour ride or longer. It's the perfect pack
to keep you out on the trail all day long.

Seth: Both of these packs are covered by the "Got Your Bak" lifetime
guarantee. If we built it, we'll back it.

Kevin: So again, it's the M.U.L.E. and the Lobo by CamelBak.