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Military ArmorBak

Seth: Hey, Seth here with Camelbak. I want to talk about our Mil Spec
ArmorBak AB. This is a hydration only, low profile system that utilizes our Mil Spec Antidote 100 ounce short. And this is designed to mount directly to a plate carrier so you have side release buckles that are going to attach directly to your Molle on your IOTV or your plate carrier. And they can be tightened down to get that reservoir pressurized for easy sipping
but also tension these straps down and get the stack height as low as
possible. It's great for getting in and out of vehicles. The Mil Spec Antidote reservoir comes equipped with a quick link system which is an auto shut off which keeps the tube routed in the pack so you can simply take the reservoir out and fill it. As well as a QL hydro lock with an auto shut off
and a disconnect. You can actually utilize different gas mask adapters. And last but not least, a bite valve cover that keeps it protected from the elements. And that's the ArmorBak AB, part of our Mil Spec collection from CamelBak.