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Military M.U.L.E. & H.A.W.G. Max Gear

Seth: Hey, Seth here from CamelBak. I want to cover two of the most dynamic
packs for use in any scenario, from the best sellers and longest lasting
packs we've made, from our military line at CamelBak.

This is the H.A.W.G. and this is the M.U.L.E. The Hawg is great for a single day
recon mission, when you're just out for a day. It's going to hold enough
cargo, radios, optics as well as three liters of hydration to keep you
hydrated all day in the heat. If you go a little bit smaller, this is the
Mule. It's a great pack to attach right onto an armor carrier, keeping a low
profile getting in and out of vehicles. So between the two, depending on
how much cargo capacity you need, they're both going to hold our 3-liter,
Mil Spec Antidote reservoir. And that's going to keep you outside all day,
with plenty of hydration and plenty of cargo. And that's the Mule and the
Hawg from our military collection at CamelBak.