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Mil Spec Antidote Reservoir

Seth: Hey, Seth here from CamelBak to talk about our Mil Spec Antidote
reservoir. This is the 100 ounce short. We also have Mil Spec Antidote 100 ounce
long, a 50 ounce, and a 70 ounce. So there's a whole collection of
reservoirs now matter how much hydration you need. This is what's used in
all the USMC plate carrier packs. It's got an easy open, quarter turn cap,
low profile, easy to get in and out of a pack, super easy to clean and get
your hand all the way inside to scrub it. It's the largest fill port on the
market. It also comes with the insulated Antidote tube. It also has a
baffle that runs down the center to keep it low profile which keeps that
pack nice and tight when you're getting in and out of vehicles. A QuickLink exit port with an auto shut off so you can leave the tube rather than
the pack and take the reservoir out for faster refilling. And the QL hydro
lock with an auto shut off and a disconnect so you can use multiple gas
mask adapters.

Last but not least, a bite valve cover to keep it out of the elements. All
of this is covered underneath the CamelBak "Got Your Bak" lifetime
guarantee. If we build it, we'll back it and that's the Mil Spec Antidote
from CamelBak.