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Military ThermoBak 3L & ThermoBak AB

Seth: Hey, Seth here from CamelBak. I want to cover our two ThermoBaks,
part of our military line from CamelBak. This is the ThermoBak AB, which is
designed to mount onto your armor or plate carrier, so IOTV, MTV. It can be
worn as a stand alone pack, or you can actually attach it to the plate
carrier itself. And this is our long-lasting, most used pack in the field,
the ThermoBak 3L. Both are actually three liter packs with two
different reservoirs, and they both use the Mil Spec Antidote, but this
uses the Mil Spec Antidote 100 ounce short, and this uses the Mil Spec
Antidote 100 ounce long. So two different platforms for you to use based on
your plate carrier or just your torso size. And that's the ThermoBak AB and
the ThermoBak 3L from CamelBak.