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Octane 18X

Azul: Seth and Azul here from CamelBak. Today we're here to talk about the
Octane 18X.

Seth: 18X, part of our Octane series, which means that it's made of ultra-
light fabric. So good for adventure racing, trail running or XE bike
riding, anything you need to do light and fast.

Azul: The best part about this 18X is that it's got the 100-ounce, three-
liter, antidote reservoir built inside, as well as cargo capacity that
expands. So it's a great pack to throw your gear inside, shove it all in
there, and then when you're ready you just sausage it down. It holds it
tight up against your back and you're not going to get any sloshing of your
gear or the water, when you're running or riding.

Seth: Yeah, it's got multiple spots to tighten the bungee, which is going
to compress all of the cargo in your pack to keep it nice and tight and
against your body. It also has these nice, winged, lumbar waist belts.
They'll carry a GPS, phone, energy bars, whatever else you need to have
easy access when you're running or trail riding.

Azul: Additionally, when you're in the back country, you never know when
you're going to need assistance, which is why we've got a built-in whistle
to call for help.

Seth: Yeah, we also added a nice, low-profile, harness pocket, which you
can put your phone or gel flask or energy bars, anything else you might
need quick and on the fly, right on the front.

Azul: As you could see, this is a great, all round lightweight pack that's
going to get you three plus hours out on the trail, plus carry all the
cargo and gear that you need.

Seth: As with all of our packs and hydration system, it falls under the
"got your back lifetime guarantee", so if we build it, we'll back it.

Azul: This is the Octane 18X by CamelBak.