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Podium Arc Run Collection

CamelBak's new Podium Arc Run Collection include the Arc 1, Arc 2, and Arc 4 hydration belts as well as the Arc Quick Grip handheld.

Seth: Hey, Amber and Seth here from CamelBak to talk about the Podium Arc
Run series.

Amber: Podium Arc belts come in three different models. We have a single
bottle belt, a double bottle belt, and a four bottle belt.

Seth: And the bottles come in two sizes. One comes in an eight ounce and
the other comes in a ten. So, you want to size the number of bottles per
belt and the amount of hydration according to how long you're going to be
out on the trail or out on the path. We also have a hand held called the
Podium Arc Quick Grip.

Amber: The eight and ten ounce bottles are sold as replacement accessories.
So, you can really customize for how much hydration you need. The Podium
arc belts are made of a stretchable material. and they come in three
different sizes, small, medium and large. So, you can really get a great
fit around your waist while you're running.

Seth: The bottles themselves have our patented jet valve technology as well
as a true taste liner. They come with integrated cages so it's fully
customizable system to keep you out there as long as you need on the trail
or path.

Amber: The belts have a small pocket in the front. You can fit a phone or
an energy pack while you're running. They've also got reflectivity on the
front and the back to keep you safe out on the road. All of our products
are covered by Got Your Bak lifetime guarantee. If we built it, we'll back

Seth: And that's the Arc 1, Arc 2, and Arc 4 as well as the Arc
Quick Grip, part of the Podium arc run series from CamelBak.