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Podium Cleaning Tips

CamelBak Podium bottles are the best sport and bike bottles on the market. Watch for tips on how to keep them clean.

Kevin: Hi, Kevin and Seth here. I want to talk to you a little bit about
how to keep your Podium bottle clean.

Seth: That's right, even if you're running water or electrolytes or
sometimes, sugar-based carbohydrate drinks, the Podium bottle is going to
get used so it's going to get dirty, so keeping it clean is going to make
that product work even better every time you take it out.

Kevin: One thing you want to pay attention to is the CamelBak jet valve.
What I do to get the nozzle off is I give it a quick little half turn,
pluck it right off of there, and then you can get in there with a sponge or
a cleaning utensil and just scrub it out.

Seth: They're all top shelf dishwasher safe, or I just tend to clean it by
hand. It's really easy. I put a drop of dish soap in there, shake it up and
just squirt it through the valve like you would with any of your drinks.
Like the rest of our products from CamelBak, it's covered under the "Got
Your Back" lifetime guarantee. If we built it, we'll back it.

Kevin: And that's how you clean your Podium bottle from CamelBak.
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