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Rim Runner & Helena

Azul: Hi, Seth and Azul here, talking about a couple of our hike packs, the
Rim Runner and the Womens Fit Helena. It's got a shorter torso, S-curved
harnesses and buckles moved out of the rubbing areas to help keep women out
there with the proper fit when they're on the trail.

Seth: These are great packs for maybe, two or three hours on the trails.
They're both equipped with 100 ounce, a three liter Antidote reservoir with
Quick Link.

Azul: The Quick Link system's great because you can customize your
hydration system with an insulated tube or any other accessories you want
to attach on the end of the reservoir. They both come with the Air Director
back panel which is going to help your back breathe when you're out there
on the hike as well as removal waist belts that you can leave on if you
want that stability, or if you're doing a light and fast hike you can take
it off so it's not in the way.

Seth: These are two great mid-range packs in our hike collection, both
protected under the Got Your Bak lifetime guarantee. So if we built it,
we'll back it.

Azul: To Helena and the Rim Runner, part of the hike collection at